Prospective Authors

The Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review invites the submission of unsolicited manuscripts by scholars and practitioners that offer critical, reflective thinking regarding important cutting-edge issues in intellectual property. Our editorial board and staff work with authors to provide a thorough editing process for accepted articles prior to publication. Managing editors supervise staff members as they compile the cited sources, edit footnotes for accuracy, and review the article text to ensure readability while maintaining the author’s unique voice.

Published articles and completed issues will be promoted on the Marquette Law School Faculty Blog and the redesigned Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review website. Our website houses all the articles published by the Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review (in convenient PDF format) and is constantly updated as new issues reach completion.

Contributors may submit manuscripts either electronically or in hard copy.

Electronic Submissions

We handle most of our submissions through ExpressO—indeed, this website is our preferred method of receiving submissions. Started by two law professors at UC-Berkeley’s Boalt Hall law school, this website allows authors to submit a prospective article to up to 550 law journals around the country all at once. Not only does this arrangement allow us to keep track of our submissions over time, the website makes authorial submissions en masse remarkably quick, easy, and efficient.

Submissions through ExpressO can be done through an easy step-by-step process.

  • After creating a free account and starting a submission form, authors have the option of submitting their drafts in Microsoft Word’s or WordPerfect’s document formats. Of the two, Microsoft Word document formats, such as Word 1997-2003 (.doc.), Word Document (.docx), and Rich Text Format (.rtf), are preferred, and in that order.
  • Upon selecting Microsoft Word on this form, authors seeking publication may scroll through the website’s law review database to select the journals that will receive their articles. These databases can be viewed manually; by searching for a specific journal, such as “Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review”; or through ExpressO’s subject matter databases, including “Intellectual Property Law” and “Science and Technology.”
  • On the next page following the fee calculation, ExpressO will prompt users to, among other things, upload files of the article itself (following the formatting requirements covered in the next section), a cover letter, and a CV or resume and ask for a title and abstract typed in a textbox. All three should be submitted to us. While submissions without cover letters may still be reviewed subject to the articles editors’ discretion, failure to include a CV or resume or an article will each be grounds for a rejection. These documents will then be sent from ExpressO to one of our articles editors for review.

Though we infrequently receive submissions directly through our email address, authors are welcome to send them to that address: . Authors are asked to include a draft of their article (again, in compliance with our formatting requirements outlined below), a cover letter, and a CV or resume.

Hard Copy Submissions

Contributors are asked to submit typed manuscripts on plain bond paper, double-spaced with quoted matter clearly indicated. Authors should include a brief paragraph of biographical data, and should follow The Bluebook: A Uniform System Of Citation (18th ed. 2005) (including parallel citations to the United States Patent Quarterly according to Table T.15) and the Texas Law Review Manual on Style (7th ed. 1992) as well as the Pocket Style Manual.

Each article or commentary will be reviewed, and if accepted will be published as soon as the publication schedule permits. Any material submitted for consideration will not be returned.

Send submissions to:

Lead Articles Editor
Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review
Marquette University Law School
Ray & Kay Eckstein Hall
1215 W. Michigan Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Telephone: (414) 288-5427
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