Guidelines for Authors

The Marquette Sports Law Review is published twice each year in a spring and fall issue. Submissions to the Marquette Sports Law Review are accepted on a rolling basis. There is no yearly or semester deadline for submissions. When an article is accepted for publication it will be placed in the production cycle and published in either the fall or spring issue depending on when the article is submitted and the current slate of articles within the publication cycle.

The Marquette Sports Law Review welcomes submission of any sports related article, book review, or student comment. Authors should send their submission by email to the Sports Law Review’s Articles Editor Madeline Farrell. When sending a submission please use "Article Submission to the Marquette Sports Law Review" as the subject line of your email. In addition, within the email include your current contact information including an email address that you monitor on a frequent basis. Attached to the email include (1) the article in Microsoft Word format, and (2) a current resume. Do not include an abstract within any submission. All submissions must also include citations within footnotes that conform to the Harvard Citator (Bluebook) (21st Edition) and must be 20-45 pages in length. Finally, authors must be willing to provide any sources that the Review is unable to locate.

Once a submission is received, the Editor-in-Chief will contact the author to inform him of receipt and request additional information if needed. All submissions are reviewed by the Editorial Board and their Faculty Advisor. The article review process will normally last approximately 10 days. Categories that are of particular importance in support of a decision to publish an article include:

i. Proper use of Bluebook style.
ii. Quality of Writing (Is the article readable with good transitions with few mistakes in word tense, grammar, spelling and sentence structure?)
iii. Organization, reasoning and analysis (Does the author present a reasoned and organized legal analysis of the topic? Does the author present the topic in an easy to understand, logical manner?)
iv. Quality of research (Has the author thoroughly researched the topic area, or do you know of other sources they should have used in their paper?)
v. Novelty and uniqueness of the topic (Has this topic been covered before in other articles so that the author just restating what has come before? Or, Has the author presented a new and novel look at the topic?)

All publication decisions are final and are not reviewable.

Please contact Articles Editor Madeline Farrell for further information.