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Jacob M. Carpenter, Identifying Inefficiencies: Exploring Ways to Write Briefs More Quickly within the Time Demands of Legal Practice, 18 Wyo. L. Rev. 409 (2018)

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18 Wyoming Law Review 409 (2018)


Time is precious for attorneys. For many, there is never enough time. A typical day is filled with so many tasks to complete that it can overwhelm. In fact, the most common complaint many attorneys have is the number of hours they spend at work. A common time-consuming task causing attorneys stress is writing briefs: the stakes are high and filing deadlines loom, despite that the attorney often does not have the time needed to write the brief well. Even when attorneys have sufficient time, attorneys charging hourly rates have to be concerned with the bills they send clients. Not surprisingly, the top goal most attorneys express for their writing is to learn how to write briefs more quickly. This article explores this concern and offers twelve techniques that will help many attorneys accomplish that goal. To do so, this article draws insights from studies and experts in many fields, including famous authors, lawyers, composition theorists, cognitive scientists, psychologists, and neurologists.

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