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David Ray Papke, All It Ever Does Is Rain: Bruce Springsteen and the Alienation of Labor, 4 Journalism & Mass Comm. 593 (2014)

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4 Journalism & Mass Communication 593 (2014)


The popular singer and songwriter Bruce Springsteen is a product of the working-class family, and his songs often creatively capture not only working-class life but also workers' alienation from their labor. In an unsystematic way, Springsteen's lyrics portray how modern workers are alienated from the products of their labor, the process of working, other workers, and ultimately, from themselves. Although Springsteen primarily has blue-collar, industrial workers in mind, his thoughts on the alienation of labor continue to have relevance for workers in the American consumer society and in the contemporary global economy as well.


Journalism and Mass Communication, ISSN 2160-6579

September 2014, Vol. 4, No. 9, 593-602

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