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Reproduced with permission of the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, from Michael M. O’Hear, Response, What’s Good About Trials?, 156 U. Pa. L. Rev. PENNumbra 209 (2007),; permission conveyed through Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.

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156 University of Pennsylvania Law Review PENNumbra 209 (2007)


This response questions whether trial distortion represents a significant problem. Professor O'Hear believes our main focus should be on “mak[ing] plea bargaining processes look more like trial processes.” According to Professor O'Hear, “The trick is to find ways of injecting the values of voice, neutrality, and respect into the plea bargaining process without robbing plea bargaining of its efficiency advantages over the trial process.”


In response to Ronald F. Wright, Trial Distortion and the End of Innocence in Federal Criminal Justice, 154 U. Pa. L. Rev. 79 (2005).

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