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Julian R. Kossow, The New York Law of Intestate Succession Compared with the Uniform Probate Code: Where There's No Will There's a Way, 4 Fordham Urb. L.J. 233 (1976)

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4 Fordham Urban Law Journal 233 (1976)


The purpose of this Article is to analyze, compare, and contrast New York’s law of intestacy with that of the Uniform Probate Code (Code). The Article may serve as a basis for estimating the impact on existing concepts of descent and distribution should New York adopt the Code. It addresses itself to the law of intestate succession, delves into present New York law on the subject, examines corresponding sections of the Code, analyzes the differences, and arrives at an evaluation of the benefits and detriments that adoption of the Code would bring. The final analysis reveals that, on balance, the Code’s treatment of intestate succession is preferable to present New York law.

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