Since the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly every sector of the economy has struggled with workforce shortages, and one of the most severely impacted industries is the long-term care services industry. Indeed, this industry has historically been unable to attract and retain enough caregivers to meet the needs of its clients and the pandemic only exacerbated this problem. Those who rely on long-term care services are typically members of some of society’s most vulnerable populations such as frail elders and individuals with disabilities. Not having enough caregivers adversely affects these populations as care staff shortages are more likely to lead to abuse and neglect.

This comment suggests that national reforms are needed to address the caregiver shortage. First, this comment discusses the relevant historical and legal background leading to the caregiver shortage. Next, this comment describes the extent of the caregiver shortage and how it is detrimental to those relying on long-term care services. Lastly, this comment argues that remote support technology can help alleviate the caregiver shortage and that the federal government should reform the Medicaid Act to promote the spread of this technology.