Wisconsin, once known as “The Gay Rights State” and a

pioneer of the LGBTIQ+ civil rights movement, has

disappointingly failed to create transgender-inclusive

employment discrimination legislation, much like the majority of

American states. As a result, Wisconsin transgender employees

face shocking workplace discrimination with saddening

repercussions felt by transgender individuals who call Wisconsin

home. This Comment identifies the federal, state, and city

approaches that have extended equal employment

discrimination legal protections to transgender workers in the

United States. Further, this Comment urges the Wisconsin

legislature to incorporate “gender identity or expression” to

Wisconsin’s Fair Employment Act as a non-discrimination

category, continuing with the state legislature’s recognized

preferred approach for creating transgender-inclusive laws. The

Wisconsin legislature is likely the sole governmental branch

capable of and willing to extend such employment discrimination

rights to Wisconsin’s transgender community as a result of the

existing political atmosphere in the state.